Top 5 Benefits of Distilled Water

Top 5 Benefits of Distilled Water 


Drinking quality water and staying hydrated are essential for good health. 

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water which is used in all our cells and organs. It is also needed for proper body functionality including our blood, heart and brain.  

Switching to distilled water can improve your health much further when chosen over normal tap water, reduce chemicals entering our body and naturally cleanse our organs. 

So what is distilled water? 

Using the process of distillation, water is boiled until it becomes steam. From here, it is cooled down until it becomes water again but now without any contaminants. The extreme heat used in the distillation process purifies water to the same cleanliness as that used in medical clinics and laboratories. 

 Top 5 Benefits 


1. Natural Detox 

Hydrating correctly is important for your organs to detox your body. Using distilled water to do this, prevents your organs being flooded with unnecessary chemicals that are present in tap water. 

These chemicals are not easily expelled from your organs and using distilled water instead, allows the kidneys and liver to function better. 

This is why, hydrating with purified water allows your kidneys and liver to clean your body more effectively. 


 2. Improve Digestion 

Cleaning your organs from any contaminants or chemicals allows them to work more efficiently when you eat other foods. 

This means the vitamins and minerals you do eat, are absorbed better and more rapidly. 


3. Avoid Chlorine 

Used in swimming pools and tap water, chlorine is a chemical which has been used to kill bacteria for decades. 

What many don’t know however, is that it also reacts with water producing corrosive acids which are harmful to our body. 

Theses acids damage our cells and should be avoided when possible. Consuming distilled water is the ideal way of doing this and improving your health. 


 4. Free From Plastics When Home Distilled 

Using a water distiller means that there is no plastic present in the water you drink. This can happen when distilled water is bought in plastic bottles which have been stored for some time.  

Home distillation stops this from happening by use of a home water distiller for the purest drinking water. 


 5. Prevent water-borne diseases  

 Parasites, bacteria and viruses can enter our body from tap water and using distilled is a great way of mitigating these risks. 

Using distilled water as an alternative as cooking water as well as drinking water can help prevent water-borne diseases due to the water cleanliness, as a result of the distillation process.