About Us


A message from the founder - Jin Yee Lim

"My interest in essential oils seems a natural progression in what I strongly believe in. That long term health (aside from acute illnesses) requires long term solutions that cannot be resolved with a pill or vaccine. I am interested in holistic medicine and regularly use Chinese, Ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies to treat myself and my family.

After moving to the UK from Brunei, I always found a lack of holistic remedies available to me and this is what sparked an interest in creating the essential oils that I knew to be effective and which have been used by ancient cultures for millennia.

As well as my Chinese heritage, a chance encounter with a ecocentric German student opened my eyes further into health & wellness. From the age of 16 I became a vegetarian, conserved energy by investing in a bicycle and recycled long before it became the norm to do so. 

I will always value the natural resources our planet gives us and I hope you enjoy our growing range of organic, pure & natural products.

Because, health is wealth"

- Jin Yee

Cos Health Is Wealth is a family run health & wellness company seeking to enhance a healthy lifestyle using natural and organic products.

Long term health is ensured by practising good habits over a sustained period of time, and the use of essential oils is one of the tools which we found exceptionally effective to remaining healthy in our current environment.

We are actively finding ways to create equivalent or better products without the use of nasty, synthetic ingredients you might find on the shelves today.
Our essential oils are all plant based, pure or organic and sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure that we bring you the highest quality oils that you deserve.

You will only find our products hand blended and bottled in small batches, so that you get the best quality and cleanest product. We pride ourselves with the ability to formulate natural remedies for common ailments, reducing our reliance on synthetic pharmaceutical products, many of which have damaging side effects.

From the polluted environment we live in to the constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation and sedentary work, our world presents the ideal conditions for an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to protect ourselves in as many ways as possible, in order to remain in good health throughout our lives.